400 Million Years of Change: How do the last 150 million years stack up?

Date: September 3, 2022-September 3, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm-12:45 am

Location: Centennial Center for the Arts Theater, Pioneer Park

David L. Arnold, Ph.D.

Retired Academic Climatologist & Interim Alaska Geographic-Murie Science & Learning Center Education Program Director

Understanding historical variation and change within our global climate system since the advent of Earth’s modern atmosphere 400 million years ago provides an effective context within which to view modern climatic warming during the recent Holocene epoch. This presentation provides an overview of Earth’s climatic history, with a focus on the past 150 years. Included, is a discussion of the Denali National Park Road failure 43 miles west of the park entrance as a conspicuous example of recent climatic warming.